It is true to say that the Aylburton Methodist Society was born at the 14th Century preaching Cross, for from its steps some members and friends of the Wesleyan Churches at Lydney and Whitecroft, led by Mr W. Lamb and Mr T.M. Price, offered the gospel to the villagers of Aylburton and in subsequent cottage meetings and those held at The Rink the fellowship was formed.

From 1910 services and also Sunday School classes were held at The Rink (now the modern annexe to The George Inn). In 1912 the Circuit Quarterly meeting of the Methodist Church learned of continuing success in the village of Aylburton. So much so that on 12th September 1912, the same meeting adopted the following recommendations:

1. That a Chapel to seat 150 persons be built at a cost of £500.

2. That a site for such a place of worship be found.

Such a site was found in the centre of the village, and purchased from Mrs Frances Hopkins.

A good band of supporters and workers formed, and such was the enthusiasm of the villagers and adherents, that on Thursday 17th June 1915 the Foundations Stones of this Church were laid.... and the Church opened a short time later on 7th October 1915 by the late Rev T Ferrier Hulme.

Methodism had come to Aylburton... and over the intervening years this Church has been a place of witness and worship.... a place of fellowship and love.

There have been many characters, far too many to mention.... and to which those of us here today owe a great debt of gratitude.


The fellowship is strong, the Church is welcoming to all, and we go forward with God's love in our hearts... proclaiming His invitation to all who hear His call.

"You may enter our Church as a stranger but leave as a friend"

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